Ещё раз о любви (engl)

Did you ever love or not? Only how love understand. This feeling like a light of the stars Flower of God in your hands Have you ever a fail in love? When the time is stopped their run, And you stand on the edge of the world, And only on step left to fall You and I like water drops In the cold autumn rain Evil wind blowing up, and my words Bring to us only new pain You are disappear in new day, And I think, you forgot about me… Little pause Have you ever love, or not, Just know: pain forever with me.
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Что-то ночью не спалось, вот написал. Вообще-то я стихи практически не пишу. Жду комментариев, может и вообще не стоит мучать клавиатуру)
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