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Эстрадная музыка Альтернативный рок Поп-рок
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One man band!
Anton K. Директор
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For the first time Anton has got real interest in music back in ‘2003. In a childhood he was playing violin but it was most unlikely and then was a big period of time since he hold an instrument again. But in that period whole collections of music was written into tape cassetes and recorded from different sources. Later Cd's became popular. Back then only some groups and styles was being listened. Mostly music with drive and harmonious music. Real interest in music appear when Anton for the first time listned live guitar play by his friend. Right away after a week he got his first guitar. He started to read articles about the playing techniques and about famous guitarist, communicating with a musicians. Even practicing every day was mostly like joynes. It got some time before he got the chance to play in front of listeners. Some software at home provide him with a first look on arrangement. And after that it all has started...
[Art of Fate]


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