At night’s embrace

Cold winter evening fell Flames fading away Silence cast a spell Upon me again I’m loosing control Moonlight bring me to play Another atrocity role That’s reviving my hate Refrain At night’s embrace Hear my piercing scream Hide or run away I feel your smell When night embraced Animal instincts Make me insane Another life I dwell Morning sun blinds my eyes I’m emerging of blackout Where have I been, what have I done Where am I now? In the depth of despair I’m tearing my flesh See my vacuous stare I’m dreaming of becoming ash Refrain --//-- Beast is my name Absorb mistake Of our dear God I can not wait For other chase Fire, take my soul and heart Refrain2 At night’s embrace There’s no more screams Nothing fazes Simple triviality When night embraced Silence - everything you hear Fire will never blaze Again in this tranquillity
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