Луппов Алексей Луппов Алексей 
записи своих песен периода 1983-2003 г.,а так же сегодняшние сочинения композитора Тимирязева Как сюда попасть

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I've turned to an actress regardless my will, Life's poignant scenario brought me the skill. Performing, I find the salvation In changing my costumes and masks. It keeps my true guise ever changing in turn, The art of arranging's not easy to learn, It's more than just bright decorations. I've handled a difficult task. I fear the thunder, still dance in the rain, The gloomy surrounders claim I'm insane, Not seeing the sense in its absence - The actress is always to blame! My tragical comedies last for a while, Erasing the concepts "the truth" and "a guile". Deceiving the evident essence, I'm playing this innocent game. I speak every language of pleasure and grief, I've heard every rumor you spread and believe. Well, I am the subject this season, In fact I am proud of it. I'm nursing the thought they keep talking of me, Quite happy to seem a discover-to-be For no particular reason Except such a playful deceit.
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