I am breaking the vast glassy surface of make-believe seas, As the moonlight is cutting the throat of scarlet sunrise, I am screaming my heart out loud, I need to release All my silently bitter emotions. I pray to the skies To remain in this world for a lifetime and ruin it then, In this perfect small drunken creation, in my fairytale, In the land that's beyond now and never, some time and nowhen And indulge in the smell of tranquility I can inhale, Where the past in a twist with the present and future unknown Is revealed in the blossom of orchids and blue camomiles, Mighty lightnings of fate never strike in this land of my own, In this place I'm the only survivor. I'll stay for a while, Till you come to my shelter and sing me a love serenade, As you own the key to the gates, and the key is my heart, First you gift me a dream, then you steal it from me, then you fade, And I wake. It's another new day. It's another new start.
64 2 года
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