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Пропил поэт вином французским Талант на склоне лысых лет. Теперь он носит брюки узкие. Да вот ни слова утром, ни пол-слова на обед. Это все обо мне.:) В последние годы в основном пишу музыку к текстам некоторых талантливейших поэтов. Как сюда попасть

My True Self

It storms, but I'm going on, The best ever years are gone, Another milestone's behind, I keep all its lessons in mind. When haunted by shades of regret, I feel imperceptible fret, They paint me what once could be mine Then sink in a bottle of wine. I cannot erase my mistakes, Undo them whatever it takes, I wouldn't get back if I could, Remorse will not do me much good. I'm living between the extremes, Preferring one aim to all dreams, I carved my true self out of ice That turned into stone by surprise. It's just a new stage of my youth And since I discovered my truth I'll stay sober-blooded and smart And get only younger at heart.
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