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Моё творчество это попытка популяризации классической поэзии. Как сюда попасть
Группа Гранатовый Браслет Группа Гранатовый Браслет 
Забродин Ю.Н.-создатель и руководитель группы, заслуженный работник культуры РФ, автор, композитор и исполнитель.Забродин М.Н. - автор, композитор и исполнитель. Как сюда попасть

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Boundless Sea

You just say you will always be there When I need you right here with me; I am trapped in the wave of despair, Dreams escape to the boundless sea. I indulge in the sense of December, In the cinnamon scent I inhale; This tranquility makes me remember My old sweet Scandinavian tale. It's the voice of Suomi that's calling My still frozen heart to the North, As the wheel of my fortune keeps rolling, It is time to live on and move forth. I'll keep moving in every direction I can change by my own free will; On my way to complete resurrection I'm the one at the steering wheel. If I dare to change your embraces To Norwegian winter's caress, Will the blizzard conceal all the traces? I'll be loving you, nevertheless. I will meet you nowhen and nowhere, In the depth of the boundless sea; In my dreams you will always be there, And my memories - here with me.
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