Полувиртуальный проект. Любая автобиографичность в текстах полностью исключается. Как сюда попасть
Сергей Панинъ Сергей Панинъ 
Сергей Панинъ Автор-Исполнитель Как сюда попасть

She is near...

Deep in the dark of sinister night Wearing with crimson dusk light Little one is all alone, Even moon is scared and gone… ‘Cause she is coming here… Oh, my dear, fear! She is near! SHE IS NEAR! Take my hand We’ll run away… oh… Comprehend We cannot stay… All your nightmares are coming true, She’s standing right in front of you. Too late for flight, I should foresee… Don’t be afraid, just trust in me… ‘Cause she is coming here Oh, my dear, no fear! She in near! SHE IS NEAR! Don’t give up We will survive… oh… Don’t give up We’ll never die…
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