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When I'll Jump Out Of A Window

When I'll jump out of a window And when I'll fly above the buildings I know exactly that my widow Will cry for me with bitter tears... When I'm drunk when I'm walking Along a road between big green trees It must look funny 'cause I'm talking With my own legs and with my fingers: Where am I ? Where now you lead me ? Where my shoes ? Where my money ? Who will save me ? Who will now feed me ? You see - it is not very funny. Your tears sting me more than fire But can its light the ones who dead ? Your words are true like milk and bread But when you're crying I'm silent. My heart was hot when I was young But now it's cold and hard like stone I know : I have to be alone What must I do ? What should be done ? When I'll jump out of the window And when I'll fly above the green hills I am assured : only you will Cry for my life with proper feelings. 05.09.2008 y.
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В двух словах : Когда я выйду из окна И полечу по - над домами, Я знаю точно : ты одна Заплачешь горькими слезами...