Gerasim drowns Mumu

Gerasim drowns Mumu In one book there is a hidden sense, As dark side of the Moon. There is mute huge both in up, and breadth Man Gerasim drowns Dog Mumu. Since childhood I believed in that, That it is no other way for no one to move: The people keep silence, but so bad, That Gerasim drowns Mumu. From year to year the house was altered, Still there is no free commune. Time gone by and nothing is made - Still Gerasim drowns Mumu. He mutely sows and keeping silent plows, goes to jailhouse as if in own honeymoon Silently carries a stool from the camera loo, Silently drowns Mumu. It is so fated: the one who is the most bravest, has to be sit on a chain. Newspapers write - and rightly jailed them! Gerasim drowns again! Bombs fly to alien shore, To unknown anybody shore And in the Tv porno to hysterics become more and more Gerasim silently drowns Mumu It is as a dream about rest on the Crimea May be the hope is in this being able to mum Or as before in this Crimean sea he will silently drown Mumu? Signs in the sky - the black on the gray: The world plunged into the gloom. The people keep silence and rightly fucking way - Gerasim drowns Mumu. ----------------------- Sergei Stanislavsky (c) 2015 ----------------
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