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The band plays death'n'roll music style in the vein of old Entombed
Denis Denisenko Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
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The band "Sanctimony" was founded in 1994 by Viesturs and Rihards. After a while the drummer Karlis and vocalist Janis (initially as keyboard player) joined the band. Over a span of two years the "Sanctimony" worked out their own image and on concerts played only cover-versions of faumous groups. The DEMO was released in 1996 with a title "When The God Was God". Before that Rihards left the band. And soon the bassguitarist left too and in place came Sergey from "Neglected Fields". In autumn of 1998 "Sanctimony" started work on their first CD "Eternal Suffering", but group members at the moment were lightly changed. And band consistance were: Janis-vocals, Viesturs-guitar, Karlis-drums, Janis Levists-guitar, Ugis-bass. The release of record was lingered to autumn of 1999 because of financial difficulties. For the first time in stores record appeared in begining of 2000. After releasing the record, band changed its consistence again. Bassguitarist and one of guitarists left the group. As a new bassguitarist came Denis from "Preternatural", as guitarist - Janis from "Brute Chant". Because of disagreement, vocalist left the band and in place of him came Ruslan. Things were going well, but after less than a year vocalist Janis came back. At the moment consistence of "Sanctimony" is stable without any changes. The work on new material is almost finished and "Sanctimony" is looking for serious offers.
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Bass; Guitars; Drums
Whwn the sun was god; Internal Suffering