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Previosly known as [Unsavior] Stay tuned wiz us and We`ll beat you till you`re just f fucking lifeless carcass
Dan Disciple Лидер-гитара
Disciple Владелец страницы
In the year 2000 a friend of mine (Disciple Dan, just Dan) brought home a guitar and began to learn Metallica songs ("So What" was the first one). That wasn't so bad and we even thought that something will come out... A year later just before a school disco (party) we bought Metallica's DVD "Cunning Stunts". Actually it was a video cassete. And, you know, that seemed to be awesome!!! I understood that i like drums (but I even didn't know what the bass drum for!!!). It didn't matter for us... We watched and watched it... We told ourselves: "We have to create a band!" The problem was in drums and electric guitar, cause Dan had only acoustic, and I don't want to shame myself. I didn't know about drums anything! Finally on Dan's 17th birthday (summer 2002) he got IBANEZ RG270DX with case... Awesome... it was... that time...And by that time I had learnt some Metallica songs, as Dan. But not many... Very important thing! Slayer's Hell Awaits album that we bought in spring 2001 changed our view on thrash music...By the way, we bought CD in spring, but liked the music of unknown for us band only in summer. That's why we began listening to SEPULTURA, especially 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th albums. Nothing happened until the New Year. Thanks God and everything we met our school friends (Arche and Dimas) at 3 a.m. on the 1st of january, cause Dimas invited us to his mini-studio... I can't discribe my feelings at that moment, We played, as I remember, Metallica's Creeping Death, Seek&Destroy, The Four Horsemen, Enter Sandman and Sepultura's Troops of Doom!!! But we played awful, on the other hand I can tell you what Dimas said: "Awesome guys, especially taking into account that fact that that's your first "concert" together" (I was siting behind the drums for the first time in my life!!!). Next time we played was in the mid February... Oh, I have to mention that on the 31st of january (Jeff Hannemman's birthday :) ) we went to SOULFLY!!! Just awesome and no comments... Then (April 2003) I joined a band (I don't remember how it was called, but now they are "Namereniya") I played with them about a month. Ozzy Osbourne and Guns'n'Roses - that what I did'n want to play, but they did. So, I left them, and there was a small conflict, but it WAS. Now we are good friends. By the way, the changed all the members, except one, I meant, he took new guys and they began playing new music... Enough about Namereniya, let's continue about me and us. Finally on the 1st of May we gathered and played! That's our band's birthday! Don't forget! By that time we had changed a lot of names and couldn't find the good one. Slaughter, Gride, Grain, DeadDilers, Brainless - it seemed and it seemes to sound stupid! Than Dan proposed a name "Unsavior" - not bad - it was our name about a half a year, maybe more. We didn't play, almost, about once in month, and there were still only 2 of us. We began searching musicians to play on bass, guitar and vocals! We tested about 10 people, but noone suited us for different reasons. The year 2004 - the breakthrough year I can call. If you didn't catch - we practised at home - separatly... October 2004, we were walking in the Nevskiy Prospekt and decided to visit the "Castle Rock" - Metal music shop! not only music but accesiorics too. We found fucking shit of paper. "Bass guitarist is looking for Alternative/Thrash band" was written on it! We called him (Valera) and in the internet we gave a theme that we need fucking good guitar player - 7 people answered but we chose Dron first, but he didn't suited us. That's why now we have Vassa in our band. We play fucking heavy shit planning to record some demos and throw this on promo-cd.
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Ibanez RG270DX, Boss GT-6; Samick Bass; Yamaha el.guitar; pro-mark drumsticks, paiste 802, Tama Iron Cobra
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