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Елена Александровна Потапова Директор
Иосиф Левитис Лидер-гитара
Алексей Дерий Ударные инструменты
Марк Пиане Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
Ник Карасевич Духовые инструменты
Schizowave Владелец страницы
"Schizowave plays diverse music ranging from jazz to triphop. The act is related to the musical scene surrounding the Schizoclub Gallery in Chicago, just like Kaif which I reviewed earlier. All music and lyrics are composed by Lena Potapova (originally from Moscow, Russia), who also takes care of keyboard and vocals. She is supported by four musicians on guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, including guitarist Josef Levitis (Kaif). This cd contains four rather short songs. 'Living her dream' is jazzy and melancholic, the type of music you associate with smokey forgotten bars, sung by Lena in her rather low, raw voice, in the line of Nina Simone. 'I miss you' is heavier and more dynamic, with pop/rock and avantgarde elements. 'Spiders' is a slower, intimate song, quite nice. The final piece is an acoustic version of 'I miss you'. A varied piece of work for people with broad taste." (Funprox Review, Нидерланды) "Schizowave: If you can imagine Kurt Weill writing and producing for a young Portishead whose vocalist was Diamanda Galas’ drunken, scary little half-sister… well, you’re a mess, frankly, and should probably call an ambulance. But listen to this while you’re waiting. It’s prettily odd." (www.warrenellis.com, Великобритания)
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Schizowave (2004), Love (2005)
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