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The Dire Straits Experience Tour 03.03.2017 20:00 Москва, Крокус Сити Холл


I never thought, I was so lost when I was leaving, But now I love, I’m happy and I can believe it. All of my thoughts are belong to you, All of my dreams are becoming true. What, what can I do to get, honey, through to you, Say me, Darling Chorus: Outside the dawn is breaking I’ll think I follow the wind and sun, And today when I’m awaking I know, you’re the only one And I’m not the best but I’m the best for you I really don’t think I’m strong before I met you But now the sun is smiling to me and I’m happy. I used to think that the love for fools. But now I have changed it because of you. Take me by hand Make me understand, You know, darling. I’m flying, breathing, running, Moving, talking in
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