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Хочу собрать группу, кто заинтересован в совместной работе - пишем. Страница вк: http://vk.com/sokol_sokolovich Как сюда попасть

Kurt Cobain Birthday Fest-2017 21.02.2017 18:00 Санкт-Петербург, Клуб Зал ожидания

Вячеслав Бутусов 28.01.2017 21:00 Москва, Stereo Hall

Don't wanna be alone

I think I fallow my heart It’s very good place to start. My heart have closed my mind And it seems so hard to find. Inside her heart is breaking, Inside the pain’s awaking. May be she just wants to breath, May be she just wants to believe? Whom do you want to feel near, Whom do you want to see here? She was alone in the world, But can whisper it some words… Chorus: Give me little chance to fly away all this way. There’s nothing here for me for today and this day. Today I’m so alone But I believe my soul More than you will ever know The sun will melt the snow I can believe, my soul Don’t wanna be alone I believe my soul More than you will ever know You didn’t want to hear About bored fears. You wanna disappear Never more to be in here. No shadow on the ground And there is no more sound. You wanna change into rain and never wanna feel this pain
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