Inside Out World

Big world.... Ewerythind is norhing my world... just begin your spending my mind i pretend good people in your eyes just inside only outside your life.... go in nothing your mind damaged for ever by Black fraize crushig rabbits in your head head shot fat shot shot in head by black papa red blood circulates through the veins you likr Alice limbo in the Wonderland hits to the head blind mind you walkin by the street lightin white strips going by your head behind your eyes you see everything you can change anything you can spend your time without the possibility of change your rage to your life it rage eats you up inside you walking by the street you see the darkness everybody see you as a monster with evil box in a hand but your can you spand you change your 3 measurements yourblack shinging sun world in your had everything change everything spand to the light it over old your life you goig further faster confidenter going to the sun light going to the rise of new life new world in your eyes this destination rise your brain your body your soul at higher you traveller in your min you goig you chang everything as you want everything as wish it's a tale about a little kid who took the darknes for the light What is the point to talk about the future? About the future, do not say - do it! all days of the year begin the same way: the alarm clock rings. for weeks on a per capita spend vulgar chatter, and when you meet this person - there is no time to talk. Why not shut up when everything is clear without words? Just outside, only outside. shat up man! you talk about shit! lo suficiente como para sentarse a ir a trabajar! my destination money,gold and muscule cars DIAMONDS I'm a brilliant girl bring me black caviar on the gold bowl my papa says that you a poor freak y mi hija necesita un marido rico Yo como solamente en las Maldivas y si usted no sabe cómo volver a casa por lo
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