My solitude became a pleasure The landscape’s full of darkness night The soul has found her own dejection And strikes in heart the ghost of ice I never dreamt about the new horizons But all the new is brining pain I’ll hide my brain among the stony castles And look for light in stained-glass reverie (I`m afraid of the depth of your eyes So I never take of my glasses Under the dark glass the bravery arouses Cause I’m not under your charms) I wish the day light would arose And stopped the air in my lungs The way of morning haze of life was lost And no more bitter words come from my mouth Someday I’ll leave, forever locked my dwelling. I don’t feel pain, because the body isn’t all, Blind eyes don’t want to meet the light from selling, The end of light, the feelings are eternal. Made a decision, never brought concession. Made a breath, I cross frontier I’m greeting new light gray as steel The hope of meeting never lose the passion …
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