Мой могильный червь

чистый: Oh if I could [ha] believe to your pray? Trying to touch me you're going away. Left me or kiss me - no matter for us. Virgin of soul's burning from body's lust. Over the dreaming is only my death. Where is your hand? Oh, my heart'd lost your breath. Going alone through the path of my life, I cannot heal wounds of love from your knife. гроул: Give me your hand! This is the end! Razors in heart! Damn!.. You!.. Flowers are dead! Blood in your bed! Virgin is lost! Holy shit!!! чистый: Damned [ha] heaven [ha] follow my fate. Give me your hand [ha] but now is too late. хор: Only I!... can love You so hard!... as your Guardian!... angel But you hate!... my feel [ha] чистый: Oh, would you kiss me before i would die? You are so close [ha] but i cannot try... Trying to touch you - this dream is so sweet. Spark of my heart - sign of feelings defeat. Wish of stop dreaming will be last of all. Even reality's sign of my fall. Living in twilight - my fate from this time, Guardian angel fly to Jotunheim. гроул: Take me to Hell, Where from I fell. Damn to yor heart. Godness!!! Life for my brave. Slave of to grave. Sadness my worm. My!!! Grave!!! Worm!!! чистый: I'll kill myself - you'll ceep living alone, [ha] [ha] your soul [ha] is made [ha] from stone! Watch on yourself, have you ever been loved? Only your touch turn my worm to a dove. гроул: Change your heart stone! Close but alone! Living but dead! Kiss!!! Me!!! Trying to trace Shine of your face, I'm going to grave Again, again and again.
История создания:
Под чистый вокал, гроул и хор, предположительно человек 6-7. Музыка - симфонический эпик металл с элементами пауэра и атмосферики.
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