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Музыкой занимаюсь с детства. Вырос на Битлз , Роллинг стоунз Криденс . Владею гитарой и вокалом. Интернет- радио- станция http://mitelskiy.pe.hu/ Как сюда попасть

Новеллы Проспера Мериме... 19.02.2017 13:00 Москва, Московский международный Дом музыки

Jay-Jay Johanson 26.01.2017 20:00 Москва, Yotaspace (ГлавClub Москва)


I'm going sleep, I dying… My mind will go away! My Angel slowly falling… He called me for betray. I want cut off my hands. Cause they reach for a throat. I feel a severe pain, my brain was garrote. I'm killing you in your dream tonight! I listen scream. It calls me to fight! I'm going to the street; I want to kill them all! I killing everyone… but it is not my fault! I shooting from my gun. I see, how stop their hearts. I use my knife and watching, how fly the body parts. It's my begin! I am your death! Give me your blood, give me your breath. Blood on my hand! Blood on my mind! You all – my desire! Victim of my grind! Fear in your eyes here's what I see Pleasure of flesh this is what I need!
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