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Let me In
5:09 10 0 13 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
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LET ME IN Pick me up... Why don't you pick me up, Like a Black Winter Flower and set me in your vase? 'cause you know.. I'm homeless now.. And I'll never make you cry. Your eyes will be my sun, and you tears will be my rain... Your breath will be my freshest wind... And I'll never make you cry. So pick me up and sing me a song... Sing me the song of a trembling heart...like birds do. Sing that won't leave me alone!!! You'll stand that hate of the freezing wind You'll stand that pain of the dying trees But you won't bear your life ...no no no....without me... Just let me in... stroke my leaves an kiss... kiss. I'll give you the scent of oblivion And you can be what you wanted to be... But don't be surprised, you'll start fade and wither... We'll all fade away some day... So tell me... would you let me in? Would you let me in? NEVER LET ME IN!!! NEVER LET ME IN!!!