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Автор музыки и сведения Евгений Киселевич, автор текста Алиса Биккенина.
TIME What if I would tell you (quiet) the story of my life? What if I would try to make it as beautiful as I, I only can? Just to make you fell all right. The magic of the night and the moonlight and I will always be by your side… Ref: Time take it all far away But never heals the pain Time turn the night into day Hold me tight till the end I will show you what is love! We’ll dive in stars and only time is above you and me… What if you will never feel what I feel inside my heart? Will you understand me falling in love and be apart? Never forget that I am here for you. And all the dreams come true if you dare to believe that I am the only one… Ref: Bridge: Do you hear every beat of my heart every word that is longing for you?