New Origin
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Mind The Gravity
I see shades behind windows I hear rustle of coming nearer steps I don’t think that this madness But I am precisely one in this place I feel a cold in tips of fingers But I open a door of my Cocoon The flown wind brings the winters Cold and reflexion of the full moon I hope someone should be here I know you is somewhere I hope someone should be here Last women in the Earth I feel a sight at myself all the same Two caustic sparks break through the night the loneliness sometimes has an aim But I do not think that it is right I don’t believe in a life behind a mirror Each thing has a beginning and the end And when one of all of them is nearer and nearer You will C a demon in the friend When all the way behind It was the last chance to meet one another After all people doesn’t remain on the earth You sat about the dead father Last woman or may be first I hope... someone is here I know... you there I hope... someone is here Last women of the Earth или on the Earth