Funky Lex - Psycho  
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Альтернативный хип-хоп
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SunSet Production Lex
I rebelled because enemy was hit, damn't!! chopped into chunks and blood of will be shed, great! my eyes with crosses in them that visible gloss fades from daily road, psychotropic rap made me angry, try to stop me, around the plague audible growling in the morning do not awake making a mistake turn myself than to keep balance, and you save ass , masquerade, lie everywhere, let it remain, like mental atmosphere of the game, closed chain, I'm a real Psycho, spit over the beats into a microphone, you're crushed by a microbe against the background universe with idol worship to that itself could not see the priest shows the way Soon head falls the shoulders, comes the last time degree in memory fragments remain, ladies and gentlemen will be your last word, I love the angry, end is near Psychoooo , Realized , dido , i decided Psychooo ,