Love Soars (Дуэт)
2:30 220 0 6 лет
Эстрадная музыка
Love soars (She) – Our love, has connected us Just like, the earth and moon that share the starry sky tonight above Love stronger than, mere gravity We will always be (He) - My darling, is it just a dream? (She) - Yes, naturally! (Both) – For us to be as one is more than simple destiny! (She) - Just you for me... (He) - Just me for you... (Both) – Eternally! (Both) – We, soar on a single breeze Free, from gravity, reality We’ll always fly, hi above every thing Wings, of love will endure, forevermore Love soars (She) - My darling! (He) - My sweat heart! (She) - The sky is ours (He) - And waits for us (She) – It’s time to fly! (He) - Let's fly! (Both) – Away from the mundane to heavens universe above Bridge: (Both) – Just promise me, Eternity, Forever? Yes, yes! YES!!!!!