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Алексей Кончицкий
Песня на английском языке.
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С аллеи, где я играл, прогнали милиционеры, из продюсерского центра сообщили, что "такое"( музыка и песни, которые я пишу) им вообще не надо - короче, был соответствующий настрой - решил написАть песню. ;)
Алексей Кепка продакшн
(исправленный вариант текста): What the hell??! Tell me, where are your huge and mighty wings ? Where are your wings ?! 1. Hey, baby! when I met you - you were so strong and bright! And everyone who wanna get you - get tornados fucking fight! But time is gone - you broke your bone, and you became the same as everyone around... (chorus): Baby ! I miss about your wings! Bring them back! I wish to touch the world and scream a loud: "happiness - it's fine!" Get back to work - your Heaven's waiting for fun! Fun, fun, fun! Heaven waits for fun! Fun! fun, fun! Heaven waits for fun! ( x 3) 2. You changed yourself, i feel the flame - the light inside of you, i see the wings, you see the blame - "this world is needing in cure". One step - you stand up, feel the shake - "old world prepares to die..." Who said: "one angel - not so scared?" - "Let's rock! It's time to save the world! The demons should be to depart! Let's fight! Fight! Fight! Angel wanna fight!" Fight!Fight!Fight! Angel wanna fight! (x 3) (chorus): Baby! I really misse about your wings! You got it (them?) back - don't lose it (them?) anymore! Well, please! The light and life - you born for save this world, so don't look down! Be strong and get some fun! Fun, fun, fun! You have a lot of fun!