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Сергей Малинин
I'll take you up with morning rain I have no care you wished to stay. I know you wait for something other At Six A. M we'll have to meet In our Land of Peppermint You shoudn't worry 'bout yourself. And you don't worry. Like me don't worry. This place is beautiful you know. So please don't worry Just like me have no worry It' s not a final way we go. Not a final way we go. And after such a pretty ride You're crying and i don't know why. You have to say that i'm too evil. You know i'll never set you free So you may worry 'bout yourself But you don't worry, Like me don't worry. We're in the place that no one knows. But please don't worry Just like me have no worry It's not a final way to go Not a final way to go. It's Christmas time in the other side I didn't ask for your decide You are the one I always loved. And first of all as you admit Our magic land of peppermint Will be the final place you'll go.