Maestro - Luck is a plague
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перевод - Наталия Соллогуб слова и музыка - Maestro вариант на русском http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/494272/ Luck is a plague Luck is a plague, sometimes is a (great) burden, but a stolen luck is a voluntary murder. Well, why , why do you need to get into a strange garden?! Forbidden fruit is sweet, but you have the same martin. Feelings - dealings , also the lucky ticket. Love brings not only the rings, it is not always а cricket. Happiness can’t buy You’ll try to look cheerful . Away your life is flying, with your eyes tearful, And deep sighing… A tramp is aidless, always slipshod and not a prim. But there is a princess No happier than him. Her palace is like a jail, being guarded she can’t sleep. He sleeps even in a gale… For him the freedom is cheap.