Ольга Матвийчук - Your Name
4:34 343 5 6 лет
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DJ Barneo (Germany), Mrs Wolfy, RockMeister
For thousand years in the clouds of grayness I’ve been looking for you in the shadows of night And then you appeared, the one of the saneness From thousand years bringing darkness to light. The night of your dreams transforming to ashes To smoking cigars wiping out the shine Please tell me the truth which is out and flashes Please tell me the truth or show me a sign Your name comes along to meeting the sunrise Your name comes along to see the sunset Your name is a rain falling down in silence The secrets of stars whispering t?te-?-t?te. For thousand years the lights were silent And I couldn’t hear, couldn’t hear your name. Cry out again! We are deaf, make it violent For thousand years it was only my shame. The shame of the world and the lonely traces Will all disappear washed out by the rain. Please tell me the truth and show me your faces Please tell me the truth and whisper your name.