Maestro - Chimes of love
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Слова и музыка - Maestro (Сергий Нагорный) вариант на украинском http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/509886/ перевод - Наталия Соллогуб Chimes of love Wasted many, many days, All in grief and in sorrow, Dear, were the roads and ways Happiness shall come tomorrow . Refrain When I saw you - the tears and joy. Your lips, I tasted the sweetness of. I was happy as if I were a boy. My darling, believe in my love. Eternal feast with you forever, As the stork I try to keep you warm. For the life and in any weather Our love outlive the storm. I wished you for a long time, You were so lonely. Now listen, my honey, the chime: You and love and me it’s only.