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Слова и музыка - Maestro вариант на русском http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/335881/ перевод - Наталия Соллогуб http://www.chitalnya.ru/work/597747/#s2230569 On the seashore At the restaurant is on the sea shore A musician’s playing what you ask for He is touching the keys gently But you pay and he is doing aptly. Someone is dancing, someone is not Suddenly he fell in love like a shot The resters’ eating and listening songs. He is dancing with a girl so long. Refrain What is tying us together? I can’t catch Certainly for me you are no match ( no match) Whether there is love on the earth - I don't know? So strange, believe me, but I do miss you although. 2 «Brown eyes , what’s your name?I pray! You may have got your rather long way From Moscow to the Crimea to enjoy. Imust amuse you. I’m a good boy. I’ll sing the familiar to pain a song of love - the eternal and lifelong. Your song is beautiful and in a step Our chance meeting is not a misstep.