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About the purposes and problems(tasks) of the modern art. During our vague time when all efforts and aspirations of people are subordinated only to one over a problem(task) and this problem(task) is realized by all means and forces, it becomes clear, that: 1. Creation of original works of art in any field of activity becomes senseless, for in the chapter(head) of a corner material interests are put. Authors and executors are on the bit of spectators and students, trying to please him(it) in that that did not begin. As a result of these irresponsible actions of art workers we can observe full degradation spectator and слушательной audiences. The young generation of people is actually deprived any reference points in a cultural and spiritual life because they should choose between bad and very bad. Concepts bad and good practically cease to exist. In turn developed situation very much suits any administration, in fact as is known from a history and life experience in stupid(blunt) and grey weight to manipulate much easier. 2. In the second, it would be desirable to concentrate attention on a problem of so-called show business. The Russian show business, as well as all rest, has accepted completely disgusting and ugly forms. The boorish and scornful attitude(relation) to the beginning(starting) art workers, full ignoring of copyrights, vicious system of payment. 3. The government and all created system of authority, meaningly go on destruction of creativity of intellectuals and in every possible way encourages marasmic ахинею bulls. In this connection paramount problems(tasks) I think: 1. The fair and close(attentive) attitude(relation) of creative persons and collectives to own creativity. 2. The kind and valid attitude(relation) to colleagues.3. Обединение creative persons on interests and an exchange of the experience - information. And the basic purpose I see change of a developed situation. P.S. Reflections resulted in this clause(article) will seem to someone on детски naive, and someone will see in them the big truth of a life. The PARAGRAPH.