For You...
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Над треком работали
Игорь Лапин, Сергей Фомин
А вот и ТА САМАЯ композиция (см. аннотацию к альбому). Из-за которой было так много споров (в том числе - писать ли вообще на такую тему или нет). Все же сделали. Получился обычный хардежник. Поскольку Лапин не умеет вопить Диркшнайдером, пришлось засобачить дисторшн.
Love & War
FFF Rec.
I've learned a great secret, You aren't able to love. You invited me your district And covered me caress above. I thought, that you the best friend, When you've got me from shit. You was fascinated my bend, Why get me fucking split? I was your only toy, Silly non-inflatable toy. Cold white blade will separate us, So your love came mors. Fourteen years was enough for me, You'll be content by two those. I know you are not dangerous, But I can be dangerous to you. I'll make you that mad strangers Will force come bloody blue! You'll got the endless prison And decay out under bench. This have enough for reason To destroy your dirty range! I was your only toy, Silly non-inflatable toy. I loved you so sincerely - You want return me waste. My mors? It's not so early! I've lost the sweet life taste... And I forgive you so hard, Don't think I threaten you. My threat will not reach board - I love you. And it's true... That was my only joke, Silly non-inflatable joke.