Numb feat FEARTALE [Instrumental Version]
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Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
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Lyrics by Sergie Mercury. Music by Anna Arlakova.
Such A Sergie
NUMB VERSE 1: I don’t know what’s going on Everything around is shading gray I’ve completely lost my tongue No one hears me speak, it fades away Even if I’ll touch someone They will keep just pass right thru me straight I can’t leave here any trace for long Just a shadow of a soul to fade Anyone can hear me now? Anyone can see me suffering? What the hell it’s all about? Oh my god, why can’t I feel a thing CHORUS: My feelings is cold & dried I’m only moving here beside My mind is totally fried This time I slide And only feeling that I have It’s all around there’s nothing left I’ve been separated, been divide This time I died VERSE 2: I can’t remember how it starts Seems my life is wasted all the time And every day is meaningless I lived, I hated, I hoped to die What the hell am I suppose to do now? Guess I need to get it clear somehow? All I needed space & quiet time Now I see it doesn’t coast a dime What has happened with my life? I do not feel alive no more Freedom I have that’s enough It’s not what I wanted before BRIDGE: No point... There is no point in that Everything is so complicated And I am so freak… devastated It’s like totally eclipse of the mind When you can’t see the sun, when you can’t see lifeline When the things goes around & again & again When it’s broken & wasted & falls outta hands Oh I can’t see the point when I got something to do This life isn’t real, it was never true Now tell me that I’m wrong When I already gone OUTRO: Do you wanna know Do you wanna feel When there’s everything goes around unreal I cannot feel a thing I got no one to blame It’s all I wanted to My dream’s becoming true So why I moaning here I don’t have any fear Now I got only choice To stay right here unvoice The crowd is closes me around Their arms extended forward now I know they will turn down their thumbs Because I am completely numb