Bear & Pantherian - Genesis 1,28 - Wrought Up Enormity
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Bear & Pantherian - Genesis 1,28 - Wrought Up Enormity
Bear & Theodore Pantherian
Bear - guitars, programming, drum concept by Pantherian bass & drum programming by Bear additonal drum arrangements by Bear/Pantherian additonal drum programming by Korostelyov track executed by Pantherian/Korostelyov
"ENORMITY" Drawn the wool over humanity's eyes They rub their hands, make a fortune and smite Men in the street leave behind their shit, it's all Wealthy bitches wear fur of rarest animals Vast areas hence forward useless In the ocean stately drifting islands of refuse By now all the beautiful spots Are made pigsties, occupied and severely blotted out I have no more to take the air I can't be there I wish I were gone before long ("Public welfare" turn into lie, lie lead to die…) Escaping all alone Villains broke the back of the trees To the river it's caused big prejudice All that is dearly for me is gone Demise has begun Majority's forced abstinence Their all-devouring greed People torpor keeps, their activity compresses State, oligarchy and small fry just a little less Between man and Nature were erecting the walls Aspiration to progress led to appalling results Stupidity and callousness it is necessary to hold Mankind has congested this not great world Uninterrupted plundering of natural resources Every day draws nearer an appearance of the Four Horsemen But you need not fall into despair I feel will change something in the air There will happen unexpected marvels We'll rise high above Till then all is bad. I have to go from here As soon as possible Another day here is unbearable Escaping all alone Now that's so far away Not a trace is left for me Of them rack and ruin will bring in returns And will open the doors that beyond the false It must be done though it is late Their business gladness is my hate I hate!