Blues in the 1st room
5:46 28 0 4 года
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музыка - Сергей Павлов, слова - Анна Москова
История создания
Первый куплет записан гитаристом и автором музыки Сергеем Павловым после долгой бессонной ночи в поезде Новосибирск-Красноярск
In The Dark
AAG Sound Studio
1 It’s so fucken sad when you are alone: No one to call, nowhere to go. So god damn empty in your soul. No one who cares, no one who’ll know. Chorus Your body catches some disease Your body coughs, your body bleeds And you don’t care, you feel at ease You’re fuckin’ tired, you’re on your knees. 2 No one to help, no one to hold, You need to cut your fuckin’ throat! No friends, no enemies, no rules, No words, no lies, no bitter truth. Nothing to lose except your dreams. Your soul is dead, your body still lives. Your crazy eyes are full of your tears, You’re alone, no pain, no fears. Chorus You’ve got a killing disease! It’s hard to breathe, your wound bleeds! And you don’t care you feel at ease, You’re fuckin’ tired, you’re on your knees. 3 I'm faithful strong and happy I'm secret, calm and nice , But with you I'm no no no nobody. I’m melting like the ice. You give me hit, give me memory Give me fury, storm and rain Give me heaven, give me passion Give me power, hope and increase. Chorus Bridge No one, no one to trust World's like a cell Any you do, got it soul of your rust Your life is damn, welcome to hell. Solo Chorus