Devil in the skirt
5:40 41 0 4 года
Краткое описание
Как утверждает наш вокалист Николай Барабинский: "Это песенка про очееень плохую девочку"
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музыка - Сергей Павлов, слова - Олег Сулимов
In The Dark (2013)
AAG Sond Studio
1 Everyday you look for just light-minded romance, You need body delight not thinking of sense. In the city streets you are only the champ, Baby, you are heartbreaker, ooh, you’re the vamp. And you know that you can charm anyone, And make go all lengths without gun. You hit the bull’s eye’s the men’s heart to steal No one gets the truth of the matter but they’re under your heel Pre-Chorus Ooh, you are devil in the skirt Everything you tell, everything you feel is dirt Chorus There’s no love in your eyes You are short of hat size There’s no love in your soul You are just stupid doll. There’s no love in your heart Despite that you’re work of art There’s no love! You’ll fall from heaven to your knees You’ll never know what love is 2 Baby, you thought you could catch me into your net But you’ll never hook me in this sleazy duet. Don’t even try to lead me to be docile You’ll never buy me with your witching smile Listen baby, I won’t become a silly aim, My heart won’t appear in your hall of fame. I know what I need, what I wanna feel You’ll never put and see me under your heel Pre-Chorus Chorus Solo Pre-Chorus Chorus