The Limit of Time
4:13 16 1 4 года
Through the Rings of Darkness
Broken heaven, thousand eyes Million pieces of glass No more light Cannot hide, cannot pass. Terminal state, final mistake Total emotional death Unshed tears, lies and fake Trapped by the Gorgon’s glance Misery, halo of a saint Paradise awaits you Mirth and treasures, hurry up Feel happiness before you die Fall from reality green-eyed insanity The sweetest fabulous dream Last night of sanity, loosing mentality The Sun. Let it be free Chasing the shadow, run if you can Lost in the kingdom of night No existence, your soul is damned A trap of illusion is blight Walls of ice up to the sky Around a hellish empire Evil plays seek-and-hide Hell accepts no denial All the doors are closed, there is no return A terrible retaliation All the hopes are in the dust, There is no reincarnation Leave the height behind your back Take a look into the future Hear the silence of a wreck See the growth of impact rupture Break the limit of time Simply stand on a desert island Through the rings of darkness Through the flames of endless fire