Wild (Inception 2014)
4:10 89 0 4 года
Произведение «Wild (Inception 2014)», созданное музыкальным коллективом Amnesia (sympho power metal), публикуется на условиях лицензии:
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Гриднев Николай, Попова Алиса
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Попова Алиса, Гриднев Николай
Автор текста
Попова Алиса
i know it now my defeat is my victory eternal life, instant death on the other end i waste my time deep in love with my mystery 'cause all the symbols are dead just the ornament i hate this silence dissolving my memories what makes me love it much more that i can survive? delete the pain from the place where it still remains engrave the words of serenity i want my cold to break the world i wanna make it destroy this in whole i'm so alone no wonder why i wanna break it i'm getting so wild leave me alone we are undone now i'm getting wild.. i blame myself for this fear of the destiny to cope with stainless regrets but i cherish them i'm lost i'm sick i'm insane i'm alone again i want my pain to destroy let me understand where i am to end though this thought's inane i still want the same