Don`t burn the world
5:17 40 2 16 лет
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Don`t burn the world In a silent cosy hole Hidden from the world He never would find out As it - to not be alone He talked "I never see The men, who mean to be... At the top of hill Such they fixing the seal By destructions to fill... Only I am free!" II I do not know your face, Do not know who you are But I`ll think up to you New life, new age... I feel that you the soldier And your soul are burns By destroy and to construct chorus There are people, which in flame Does the action all the same And behind desire of changes They are blind... And those others understand That life - without changes That the present life - inside them... III One man similar to you Had tried changed the world. He has burnt out it All completely... Forever But then has realized Great chaos force, Which has won him, such clever... At the top of hill Such he fixing the seal, By destructions to fill... He`s not free!"