Keep My Grass Cut  
2:45 12 0 4 года
Произведение «Keep My Grass Cut», созданное музыкальным коллективом Struggle da Preacher, публикуется на условиях лицензии:
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Struggle da Preacher
Автор музыки
Mark Hinson
Автор текста
Ivan Rylov
Struggle da Preacher
[Verse 1]: All my goons on the block wanna tell me something In fact they tell me nothing What i am suppose to do cuz i live my life the way i want to I might be wrong though I'm like Alonzo in the "Training Day" Killing motherfuckaz, cheating motherfuckaz And know what to say Never play with dogs like me, never play We don't bite we eat you up all the way Whom you gonna blame after losing a game When you couldn't make a basket - say my name Right dawgs! Right talk! Nobody knows what it's all about in the game You don't wanna be like Derrick Rose Go Go! I dot wanna hear nothing More, more I just grow, grow Everybody wanna know what it takes to be the boss Or should i be like Ross? Should i carry "The Cross" like Nas? And whom should i trust? [Hook]: Whom can i trust in this crazy game When the game fulla fucking snakes? So i keep my grass cut, i see them coming I am not into any mistakes [Verse 2]: Everybody wanna come up with shitty tracks and shitty songs Not dissing anyone i just dont like what i hear most Fuck radio, fuck Tv, fuck everything My tracks are true just to be spin Living in lies i realize there are no more surprises Every day is the same, the same with your lives Working 5/2 too boring You tryna be high and fly like a Boeing Fly like a Boeing? Fly like a bird Fly like a ghetto bird - someone to be caught Life is damn so rough, everybody knows it If i had a remote control i would pause it Then rewind it back and eject the tape Would it be the same if i play it again? Edit the description to add: Historical context: Historical context. An explanation of the overall story (e.g. "In this song, Eminem corresponds with a crazed fan who...") The sample used for a beat. edit