Bring Me More Hate  
3:14 7 0 4 года
Произведение «Bring Me More Hate», созданное музыкальным коллективом Struggle da Preacher, публикуется на условиях лицензии:
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Struggle da Preacher
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Mark Hinson
Автор текста
Ivan Rylov
Struggle da Preacher
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[Verse 1]: No matter what i gonna do they gonna hate, it's clear as day This hate ain't bring no hate, it motivates I put my bread in it, you ask how much i make You dunno nothing about respect What i'm doing for good, you do for food You ain't give a fuck about art, you worry about your loot One season stars, selling out styles In order to sound proper to the mainstream standards I am tired of this I know how much you motherfuckaz wanna put me down on knees I ain't light no spliffs just to feel better I keep learning to increase my grey matter Im my own trendsetter thats my credo You ain't need no fashion magazines in ghetto Only hate is here and there It either kill you now or make you shine bit later [Hook]: Take me down to the memory lane Bring me more hate, this is my food I don't feel no pain, cuz i Do whatever it takes to make it happen Doesn't matter if you hating on me, you respect me I preach, i struggle In this motherfuckin game i'm a mogul Bring me more hate, bring me more hate You are a part in makes of a legend [Verse 2]: 1, 2, 3 to the 4 Flashback to '04, life is awful Nevertheless i knew i had to move forward My determination was my greatest award And i dropped my video, nobody had it back then I was the first rapper in my hometown, and In 2005 dropped my first CD Working with dudes overseas I represented small town in R-U-S-S-I-A But instead of love they showed me just hate, but i Took it to another level just all by myself Now i got them heavyweights (WHO ARE THEY) You already know Young Noble Outlaw Yukmouth, Bizarre D12, you want some more? Be on the lookout cuz i'm coming hot There is no any motherfucka who would ever stop me