365 Grind (ft. Young Noble, A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.)  
3:29 15 0 3 года
Краткое описание
при участии Young Noble, рэппера из группы Outlawz, созданной легендарным рэппером Тупаком Шакуром
Произведение «365 Grind (ft. Young Noble, A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.)», созданное музыкальным коллективом Struggle da Preacher, публикуется на условиях лицензии:
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Struggle da Preacher
Автор музыки
Dmitry Kupriyanov
Автор текста
Ivan Rylov, Rufus Cooper III
Struggle da Preacher, Young Noble, A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.
[Intro: Young Noble & Struggle da Preacher]: Yeah, Young Noble Outlaw (right here) Struggle da Preacher (hey yo) Tryna reach (check it out, yo) [Verse 1: Struggle da Preacher]: Another day in my life makes'em all look alike You live like in "American Pie" me in "The Green Mile" Everybody watches everybody cries I'm your sacrifice i ain't scared to die What the fuck in my life i am scared of? Anyway i'm gonna die which i already know I keep it raw for my bro then he gonna follow me So many motherfuckers hated on us but we moved on If it's on then it's on there is no way back If you drag me to hell i'll be tougher than devil My power from Heavens let me crack you I'm tellin you motherfuckers gonna feel what i'm saying I am paying my dues, my rhymes are my clues While you fuck them bitches i fuck with music, dude You got your life to live as long as i exist Remember, i am a Preacher, not a priest [Chorus: Struggle da Preacher]: All 'em cats on the block wanna know where is my Escalade I keep hustling and tell 'em to ask me later That's a 365 grind throughout your hate And i'm proud of myself for every dollar i make [Verse 2: Young Noble]: Everyday i wake up i count my blessings God got my back my pistol ain't my only protection Man, i'm just greatful to see another day Get it how i live, wouldn't have it any other way Leave the past behind, focus on the future Keep my circle tight tell these bitches i'm exclusive, yeah Grind hard, find god, find some business.. Mind your business if you wasn't involved That's your problem counting nigga's pockets They don't care what it took you to get it, they only know you got it, yeah And everybody wants a piece of that The cross roads or the top where im'ma meet'em at.. [Chorus] [Verse 3: A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.]: I'm steady hustlin', 365 grindin', 25-8 Bulletproofed my mental and temple cuz niggas gonna hate I'm major league i this bitch no doubt „Homerun in every inning“ Brushed the dirt off my shoulder at home plate „Cuz now I'm winning“ You couldn't keep me down if you haters parked a truck on me I'm baptised in the fire of combat, so try your luck homie Friday the 13th, cross the balck cat you'll catch it Can't have a pot to piss in, when I get it you try to snatch it And want a scene like Cooley High, and me die like Cochise 2014 and beyond, my mission „Free the beast“ Don't start none won't be none, golden rule of the streets Say hello to the bad guy who believe revenge is sweet But I rather fuck with beats, stack paper, and watch my kids grow Give back to my Fam, check out a hose and close escro Now fall back, I'm dying free and not a slave Or be buried with the others in an unmarked grave [Chorus]