The Answer - Tribute To Allen Iverson  
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Struggle da Preacher
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Mark Hinson
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Ivan Rylov
Struggle da Preacher
Man you tell me something, thats a good idea, right They talk about NBA, they talk about something.. Everything is wrong in music in basketball Everything is wrong man nowadays So that's my story [Verse 1]: So many kids on them courts got'em cornrows But they never know who brought'em to the NBA first, right Allen Iverson... you can't deny it son Fuck David Stern's privacy, i'ma bring it on He got blacklisted, whatever dawg Cuz i still miss him, he's in my heart Nobody knows wusup, i see just hate You motherfuckers practice, i'm in the game Fuck nowadays NBA, fuck dress code You said rap turned crap as well as basketball They don't wanna play D, they rather flop And those who play D they got whistled for foul The little man with big heart did it all He played his heart out on the both ends of the floor, no doubt He got that MVP award You kids gotta pay homage to the one you taught from [Hook]: You got a question dawg - i got the answer I spread so quick and i'm sick like cancer I rep Brick City but still got love for Philly Seventy-sixers is the answer to them kids [Verse 2]: I don't wanna know whether he got money or not You motherfuckaz like discussing whether he's a bankrupt Go buy his jersey and throw some in You like seing people fall, you establish your ego Nothing bigger than hate, where is your love You forgot them Finals in 2001 Now all you got is: "Look at that nigga, he can't even get himself a cheesburger" He got around 30 tattoos all over his body His baggy clothes make him look thuggish for real Fuck illuminati talk, he's the real He not sounded gay, neither rock skinny jeans Fuck everything, fuck fake basketball, fake people Awww i'm desperate Sometimes it's best to cry Still only the strong survive, survive [Hook] [Talking]: Hey yo We talk about love, we talk about hate, we talke about support We talk about greatest players in the NBA history We talk about Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James Why the fuck we don't talk about Allen Iverson though? He inspired so many kids all over the world To play the game of basketball and we forgot him What the fuck is it man? Yo, i'm out No no no no, i got something else to say You know, it's just painful to see that the guy He's still capable of playing in the strongest and the best basketball league But he got blacklisted, fuck that You know i see him crying when he comes to Philadelphia Because he got heart for the city, he got heart for the game of basketball [Hook] [Iverson talks]: I'll be lying if i say that it didn't bother me Because i.. i think... i created uh... like lotta mistakes that i made in my life I created a picture of me.. that's.. that's not me I did alotta things when i was young That i'm not proud of But i think those things helped me to be the man that i am now And you know the last couple of years been hell Because all i wanna do is.. play basketball