Why No?
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Why No?
Произведение «Why No?», созданное музыкальным коллективом DAHAKA_, публикуется на условиях лицензии:
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Verse1 Words... I'm lost for words... Drop it Damn! It's time to cut the rope! Now listen. Now i gonna find a shine till the rest of life Paradise is not a place but a state of mind. Why we're looking so faded and jaded, too holy frustrated? We need no repayment... I know what really exists When take a risk despite the facts I flatter... Holes still remain. Forget your friends, their names And take'em out of the frame. Why? I'd never getting a step Before the soul considers what attracts or what in tracks. Words. I'm lost for worlds. I get down to business! Chorus Why no? Why no? Where is the turning point? Why? Why not to get around the world insight out! Why no? Why no? What if the turning point is just a chance and i want it? Verse 2 Bones... An unexpected bomb has got you! Planes... They drop the pilots down... Cmon Now I'm changing the mistakes of the closing past Better keep an eye on this than just get a rest. Now it's looking so faded and jaded, too holy frustrated... We need no replay, man! I know what really exists! When i ignite my spliff beside and blow it! Holes still remain. To understand on what we stand or what we ain' now I'd never getting a step Before the soul considers who atraccts or not attracts. Words. So fuck the words. I get down to business!