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Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
I How can I understand U, when U disappears every night, How can I see U, when U put ya mask on face, with no eyes. How can I feel U, when U sayin', that U fucked up whole life. Why I can't look at U.. U killin' me, I have no mind. Chorus Why You playin' that stoopid game, can I ask your name? Why Someone can hurt me, when I only sayin' "goodbye"? You can't feel my pain, You can only apologise, when it's gone. I can't go wrong. I have to be strong. II Tonight so sadly, but my madness my first&last escape. Windows are opened, but I see only stones around the cave. I can't stop diggin', can't stop diggin' the deepest of the graves. U should not worry.. Cruel bitch, jus' get out of my silent place. Chorus Now I can do everyting, that nobody know. Just relax, sit back, it's a part of the show. More guitar, So U see like my rage is grow. U can't let me go?? I don't think so) I'm in trance, hot like sun feels like pain is gone. Would U look in my eyes, when I got no one. U may say that I'm laughing, I'm havin fun. All the words are spoken, what's done is done. Chorus