Nordic Queen
8:01 20 0 2 года
Готик-рок, Экспериментальный рок
Автор музыки
Роман Т.
Автор текста
Роман Т.
Praecox Feeling
Her skin is snow-white Her eyes are blue like fair sky Her glance is like the rays of northern sun She's like a valkyrie She sings like siren of the sea I know, this beauty has blinded everyone This beauty doesn't fade This beauty's like a blade This beaty's not for dirty eyes Her soul is aching much And by no one it should be touched There's secret yearning for the paradise In my heart You're shining bright like polar star You dwell in dreams You force the mortals down To the knees Nordic queen, Please sing to me your sweetest melody So serene I want to understand your mystery Her heart is cold like ice She doesn't take advice She froze my blood and let me down She's living on her own She locks herself at home But still this beauty is killing everyone The dream is still alive Although I guess it's just a lie I don't give value to your smiles and glance She leaves me with my pain She takes my energy away She's led with her ambivalence In my heart I'm burning like a falling star My soul bleeds You kill my dreams I'm crawling on my knees Nordic queen, You make my life an endless tragedy So artfully I'm tortured with your subtle cruelty [Spoken word]: Her eyelids are closed, her sleep is so deep All the time the sun shines above October street But the evening will come and she will arise With pain in her heart and tears that shine like polar lights in her eyes My cruel muse, you leave me so unexpectedly, But I know you will return with overdose of energy. My insane beauty, I await you at night, Your suffering became mine. I know you will spurn me again But the dream is still alive...