Drowning In Your Eyes
7:09 24 0 2 года
Готик-рок, Экспериментальный рок
Автор музыки
Роман Т.
Автор текста
Екатерина Л., Роман Т.
Praecox Feeling
Fickle heart, it can not love Flighty soul can't get enough It won't have a rest Until I die There's no feelings, no regrets You're the one I can't forget I'll be missing you for all my life I am drowning in your eyes Give me your hand or I will die Say my name if you want to be mine. Many times you killed my soul Many miles I had to go To reach for your lovely, lovely eyes. In the circles my life goes And my apathy, it grows I am feeling just Like Tantalus I can see, but cannot get You are sneaking out of hands And my thoughts, They're so delirious Come to me, don't be afraid We will break the binds of fate Overstep the line And we'll be free Rescue me I need support You are in my inner world As the moon at night In love with the sea We're meant to be Together You and me...