That Instant Has Come
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Years of Suffer
That instant has come. That instant has come when you must make your choose and there is no sense to wait. You are the person, and this is your life, and you can spit at the rest. Once ruled you earlier, but now you see: authorities are not present more. Now look forward in front yourself and now search for the answer only there. Hey, do not miss your last chance, you know, that seconds will solve everything. Hey, do not miss your last chance, you know, that the price for delay is too high. Where are those that blindly trusted that someone will give them everything? Someone of them are for a long time already dead - others still wait. They can not understand that never anybody will give something. But if you want to live in this world then you must know it very well. The one that can not live in this world that dies in loneliness. To that the reason - is too strong fear that follows on heels. To that the reason - are too many words and a load from trifles. But believe that you will break forward, will destroy your captivity.