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Произведение «Confession», созданное автором Ерофеев Денис, публикуется на условиях лицензии:
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Ерофеев Денис
Confession Now I can understand… The signs behind me I’d see but I can’t - I was blinded by fear, my friend! Darkness surrounds me, Darkness surrounded my brain! I lost my power, Yes, I lost my power And blood covers all of my lands! Listen to the words I will tell you, my friend – Don’t lose your mind! Don’t lose your mind! Don’t let the beast Ride your thoughts, Stop your hand ‘Cause you’ll have to die, Yes, you’ll have to die, Lose your life! I was cruel in the end… It was easy to take Any life by my hand But I’ve never tried to understand. I thought there’s no God, I thought there’s no Lord – He’s dead! Watching behind me, Just watching behind me He made all my glory fade! Can you really save me From my terrible fate? But I know - it's too late. Can you only give me Only give me (one more) chance To live my life again? Nobody knows where I’m lying, my friend. I lost my soul. I did not want to wash this blood from my hands And make my amends. I did not make my amends…