Psychogenic Syndrome
4:13 20 1 2 года
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Burden Of Hatred
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"Psychogenic syndrome" You hear the voice of fucking psycho There is no point - so run This mud around, hate is my burden I can not leave, i'm stun Barf-out all of you to garbage I pouring again inside You can be wherever that you knowleg Take all that shit and die [Chorus: How much should I without a question To choke this shit-pill Give me psychogenic panacea This Syndrome i kill Try it! A piece of my death I was terribly sick Blindly seek the forgiveness Just simply die double quick] All searches my fucking the soul killer It's put me in the grave See you in the void, then pull the trigger My corpse - new trend of slaves Forgetting the pain, ourself we losing We find the peace there is no fate Fuck everything, i stop this moving Like all, just feel my hate [Chorus] This is just madness I am going back home I just could not be in more bad place Find me something better Give breathe more deep Or simply pierce it through I stretch out my hand to you But I don't think you can get through So take this, if you have bad luck But keep in mind - there is no fuck